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Squirrels and Nuts --- Physics or Mayhem?
Comercial Collectible Gargbage


Comercial Collectible Gargbage
We are special, are you?
The Midget Army
Listen to the Squirrels!

So my friend has this silly website
It's like a garage sale with shipping

Brewerianna? What the hell is that? I see a beer sign or something. The midget army hates beer signs! And the Whiskey is empty!

At least here we have some playboy equipment. Unfortunately, nothing with a rack.

So you like kitchen ware? Huh? Most warez sites I know of do not carry wooden pigs. And German bowls. Germans love squirrels. Just ask the many German sex tourists!

So you want a camera. How about a nice shiny digital camera? TOO BAD! ALl you get here is old junk that nobody makes film for anymore. (I hope she never reads this page)

So the web site's called chochkies And there's a category called etcetera? Here she is selling some nice items to keep the squirrels at bay. A demonic little girl with skates, a twisted pair of chinese lovers and the shoes from the wicked witch of the East.

Do you fear computers Do you live in the 70's Then this page is for you --- typewriters!

Ahh, I always wanted to buy fine art from a yard sale.

Anyway, I owe her so I'm sticking some links to her page here.
She's selling some random assortment of typewriter and china and cameras, etc...

And I quote "I shop the garage sales so you don't have to"
At least she hates monstrous fuzzy limb-eating squirrells.