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Squirrels and Nuts --- Physics or Mayhem?


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The Prophesy

Read Only If You Dare


Found nestled within a well chewed bagel....


That which has passed ....


There will come a day when the man children will serve us! They will feed us by hand, offer us the best of foods. Our coats will be sleek with the fat of their offerings.


Our kind will be too fat to climb. The trees will no longer contain us, encage us!


The Boneyard will be our home.  The mighty Boneyard.


Only fools such as the lowly Physicists will dare to challenge her mighty waters.


That which is ...


The man children will cover the Boneyard, allowing our kind to dwell in secrecy.


Our thumbs grow large and dextrous!


The homeless will seek the darkness of the Boneyard


That which will be ....


The midgets will hear our call.


The small and furry shall unite.


Down with the winged ones!


Down with the two-legged!


Down with those without cute fluffy tails!